First and foremost LOTRO is a game and we are here to have fun and to enjoy all aspects of it. The Tarciryan Knights consist of a group of mainly mature players who know that real life comes first and escaping to middle earth is a chance to relax, have fun and play a game with like-minded individuals. If we are not having fun and laughing even in the middle of a raid then something is wrong and we will fix it.


You must be at least 18 to join the Knights.
As all members want to participate in a mature, peaceful, fun and relaxing environment, we do take the word "maturity" seriously and apply it to our everyday lives within the kinship. If you do not take the kinship seriously, then we shall not take you seriously.

Chat Channels 
Kinship Chat is generally considered to be out-of-character (ooc).
Chat Channels (Kinship, Fellowship, Raid, etc.) are to be kept clean and respectful at all times, there is to be no profanity, racial slurs, political/religious context and no implementing different spelling of curse words. Even though there is a language filter, many prefer not to use it, and for this sake please give each other some common courtesy. Kinship Chat is generally considered to be out-of-character (ooc).
Behavior and Attitude

It is expected that all members of the kinship treat each other with respect. Cooperation is something we pride ourselves on. We wish this tradition to continue. It is not expected higher level characters give up too much time to help out the lower level characters; however, help is always appreciated and reciprocated. Members will carry an attitude that is motivational, and uplifting in the general spirit of the kinship. We will not harbor nor accept members who are emotionally unstable or have attitude issues with various members. Character Attitudes, they may be one thing, attitudes out of character is completely another. There is a distinct difference, so please recognize this.

Role Play Policy

Roleplaying is a fun element in the kinship and is encouraged! Do not spoil any roleplaying activities that would ruin the motive or mood of the event, communication, or members partaking in roleplaying.
Be Courteous to all players, RP’s and non-RP’s alike.
Kinship Chat is generally considered to be out-of-character (ooc).
/say chat however is considered always in-character (IC). If you have something ooc to say please use either kinship chat, fellowship chat or a tell.
As we do not require hard core Tolkien thumpers, we do encourage that everyone stay in the highest spirit of role play. It is fun and it is relaxing for many of our members.

Website and Forums

Please realize that many have taken a lot of time and money in order to provide accommodations to the kinship such as a domained website and bandwidth. We'd ask that you please get involved in our forums! Communicate with one another! It is vital as well that you view any pertinent information such as news, changes to the kinship, etc. on our website. Most news will be on the site only.

Kinship Alt Policy

The Knights have a Free Alt Policy. You are more than welcome to invite any and all alts, as long as your roster note is updated appropriately.

There will be a test after one week in the kinship where you will be required to list all of the officer’s alts in alphabetical order.

Real-life Family

Real-life family are permitted to join the Kinship without having to go through the application process. When you have a RL family member join, you are essentially putting your own membership up as collateral should a problem arise.
While RL family is exempt from the application process, they still must submit an application so that we can track and record their membership. They should specify within their application that they are a RL family member of a Kinship Member and state which member.
Real-life friends are not exempt from the application process and must apply like any other applicant.

Raids & Instances
The Leader is the one who organizes the run as it progresses, he or she is not a dictator; remember you are supposed to be cooperating. However, listen to the leader if his/her requests are reasonable. (Picking a leader does not apply to official kinship parties or raids as the leader will be picked by the Officers.)

It is expected that all members of a party involving kinship members behave in the spirit of the game.

Loot rules will be established before the group gets involved in the coming adventure. Please discuss the matter extensively beforehand if there is the intention to use a "non-standard” system. (Loot rules for official kinship parties will be determined by the Officers ahead of time.)
Members are expected not to pick unnecessary fights with people from outside the Kinship. However, should the behavior of an external person in a party/raid be utterly intolerable (e.g. ninja-looting, verbal abuse), all members are encouraged to stick together, and, if appropriate, to warn the Kinship as a whole against these persons.
Preference for attendance at official Raids is given to those who sign up for the event, Kinship Members, Kinship Recruits, Allies, Friends, Everyone; in that order.

Disputes and Arguments
We are all human and we will, at some point, disagree with each other. However if you are in a position where you find yourself in a disagreement with a fellow Knight, and are unable to find resolution between yourselves, even so far to challenge a fellow Knight to personal combat, then contact an officer to mediate or stand as your second.
All arguments will be handled discretely.
This means no spamming kinship chat with insults, accusations etc.  
Under no circumstances are arguments to be carried on using the Forums.
The Leader and Officers have the final word in any dispute between Members.
Chain Of Command
Under no circumstances will an Officer be scrutinized, harassed or verbally abused as this is a direct violation of your subordinate rank.
Officers work hard for the kinship and are the creators of the community in which we all enjoy.
The Officers are responsible for deciding how to deal with Members who break charter rules.
Officers have complete freedom of action and can warn, demote or remove Members as they see fit, up to and including Immediate removal from the kinship.

The Kinship Officers have the right to use their judgement concerning anything that is not covered in the Kinship Charter.
The Kinship Leader reserves the right to change the contents of the charter at any time it is deemed necessary to do so .