”We are the right arm of justice, Defenders of Gondor, Slayers of the Haradrim, and Veterans of Umbar. When the Great Sea stirs and darkness falls over Gondor, we shall answer with blood, sweat, and steel."

About Tarciryan, Son of Siriondil

Lord Tarciryan was a brother to the illustrious King Tarannon Falastur, the first of the line of four Ship-Kings. He was also the son of the 11th King of Gondor, Siriondil who succeeded his father King Atanatar I, during the waning years of the Third Age’s first millenium. His reign was quiet, and peaceful for eighty-two years. Famed for his Naval Exploits, Tarciryans Brother, King Tarannon founded the line of naval Ship-Kings until the time of Hyarmendacil I. His Queen was the notorious Beruthiel, who he forced to send into exile. Tarannon died without an heir to the throne. He was succeeded instead by his nephew, the son of Lord Tarciryan, and the second Ship King of Gondor, Earnil I.

About the Tarciryan Knights

The Tarciryan Knights were the Marine forces of the great Naval Power of Gondor. They excelled in sea to land combat and were the strength of armies of the Ship Kings of Gondor. The Legends of the Knights were born out of the blood spilled during the Siege of Umbar.

Umbar was an important harbour fortress on the coast of the Great Sea, far south of Gondor and had been long held by the enemies of the land. In the year 933 of the Third Age, King Earnil son of Tarciryan, succeeded in capturing Umbar. Over the following years, the men who had held Umbar before the Gondorian invasion had rallied the Haradrim, dark men of the Harad. In 1015 a huge combined force of Haradrim had attempted to retake Umbar from Gondor. The King at that time, Ciryandil was slain battle, but the fortress withstood the assault and so began the long Siege of Umbar.

For many years, a stalemate existed, Gondor was able keep Umbar supplied by sea, but could not defeat the besieging forces of the Haradrim. The new King, Ciryaher spent these years building up his forces and at last in 1050 and thirty-five years into the siege, a massive army and detachment of the historic lineage of Tarciryan Knights crossed into Harad from the North. Combined with the power of the Navy, and the Army they utterly defeated the Haradrim. After the overwhelming defeat of the Lands of Harad, they acknowledged the power of Gondor. It was at this time, King Ciryaher, the last of the Ship Kings, took the name Hyarmendacil "South-Victory”. It was up until this time after the siege that the Tarciryan Knights had retired to live a life of peace. Though not lasting, the strength of the Tarciryan Knights would be once called again with the ever growing threat of the evil of Mirkwood.